Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year, same old me

We all have goals we want to accomplish. As I stated in a previous blog I am constantly making and revising resolutions for myself. This is my newest list. These are goals I am setting for myself for 2009. (followed by action statements - 'cause supposedly that helps you achieve them!) Be forewarned this blog may be very, very boring unless you are me!

I should mention that I think success is measured in by degrees. No-one is perfect - no one is infallible. I will not beat myself up if I do not fully achieve these. If I accomplish my goals 90% of the time I am sucessful!! (and gosh darn it people like me~!)

1) I will not let food and drink control me. I will control my food and drink. By:
- losing 12% of my body weight
- limiting alcohol
- exercising a minimum of 4 days/week
- building muscle definition
- achieving a 12 min mile

2) I will create a home environment that is pleasant and functional that does not contribute to my haze but alleviates it. By:
- consistently coming up with a healthy weekly menu
- freezing meals ahead of time
- eating out not more than once/week
- tackling organization projects like the tupperware black hole and my closet of nightmares

3) I will leave gossip and sour grapes behind. By:
- focusing on Philippians 2 as a 'health attitude' guideline:
- not contributing to gossip and slander no matter how much I may feel justified (if cant say anything nice . . . )
- remembering that we are none of us perfect, righteous or holy - so who am I to criticize?
- learning to just walk away . . . . !


annaliese said...

"be forewarned: this blog may be very boring unless you are me.." Classic! I love you. and I loved this blog. NOT boring at all! so glad that you are you--and I think all very admirable goals. especially love number 3. soooo now what are we going to talk (no more gossip!) about on the treadmills?!?! bet it will be much better than any of that old TRASH! here's to a new year! :)

dotoner said...

I will be at a loss - losing weight and gossip are my two favourite topics! Hhmmm . . . . must think of something! I guess we could discuss literature, politics and the weather??? How bout the gym on Monday - are you game?

snazzykc said...

I think that writing down your goals makes them more tangible and harder to ignore. A new year, a new slate clean and fresh. Go forth and conquer....

Goofy said...

Aw, MAN!! No more bashing??? Crap, now I'm gonna hafta find a NEW friend. :P

JUST KIDDING!!! I, too, need to work on walking away and remind myself that people make mistakes; I myself am not perfect... walk away, bite the tongue.

StefRobrts said...

Well, you should feel good to know I don't think of you (or any of the magenta folks I hang around with) as gossips. Good luck with your goals!

dotoner said...

aw - what great supportive friends I have!!! thank u all for not commenting on the 12% body weight - you non-gossipers you!!!

Angela said...

Dorinda.. I love your resolutions! You inspire me with your transparency in how hard you work for what you want and your honesty when things don't go according to planned. I hope I can grow up to be like that.. well.. maybe I'd like to just feel like a grown up more than occasionally. =) love you!

dotoner said...

Angela - I'm back at the gym after quite a few weeks off because of leg injury sustained at 606. Let me know if have time during the day . . .