Saturday, January 10, 2009

He faught the bar and the bar won!



Poor Nathaniel. He took a face dive into a metal bar. Broke his two front teeth. Managed to get a pretty banged up and bloodied lip in the process.

So my first reaction (after he started to cry and I knew he would be okay) was to get angry. Really angry. I hate to see my kids hurt and I cannot count the number of times he has been told NOT to climb, swing or otherwise fool around on those particular bars. Not that my anger helped either of us. I felt like a monster and he felt even worse for disobeying mom.

Thankfully I had good friends right there with us at the time of the incident and they jumped right in with hugs and ice and first aid. And also consoling Hannah who was crying because her brother was hurting. And letting me know that anger is a normal reaction for parents - and its probably really fear and not anger after all.

After we got home and talked things over with the advise nurse on the phone, cuddles and calm reigned instead of anger and fear. And it looks like reconstructive dentistry is something to look forward to this week!

Oh, and one more thing to add to this rambling post:

Did you know the tooth fairy collects teeth shards? One little boy I know got a $5 bill under his pillow for a few bits of broken teeth. He looked at it and said - "oh good! I am going to give ALL of this to the kids with blood cancer" And promptly put it in his wallet.


Goofy said...

Nathaniel- I am SO SORRY this happened to you. If I had the power, I would turn back time and not have it happen at all!
You did a wonderful job in rehearsal today and I'm proud to call you my friend. :)

Jaynie Roberts said...

Oh, dear. Now that I see the before and after pictures, he DID lose quite a bit of tooth-product. OUCH. But he's still a handsome dude.

snazzykc said...

Character...that's what it adds!
Just think about how the mommy bear reacts when something hurts her babies-your reaction was justifiable. They do grow up and start listening to your advice-some of the time!

annaliese said...

oh ouch! I'm thinking there may be a few more 'bar incidents' though if word leaks out about the tooth fairy paying for teeth fragments. i mean, we are in a recession here folks...