Monday, January 19, 2009

thank goodness for the extra day!

So the kids are home from school today and I am SO GLAD! It was a crazy busy weekend and I needed Monday for some R&R (rest and recoup)!

On Friday and Saturday J & I went to the PATA auditions in Portland. This was a great experience! A lot of good performers. Some were just fantastic (and few were pretty boring)! So overall it was a great mix and very informative!

Saturday night Comedy Sportz from Portland held their first public performances in the 'Couve in Magenta Theater's new space. What a fantastically fun and rewarding night that was! The house was packed for both shows and I know this will be a great return venue for our new facility. I was thrilled!

Finally on Sunday we had a powerful and positive congregational meeting (which I know a lot of us needed!) I left feeling renewed and hopeful about my church which is always a good, good thing. Then we rushed home to eat (thank you crock-pot) and clean up a the house a bit as we had our very good friends D&S and A over for some Battlestar Galactica viewing fun. We've been meeting to watch this for a long time now (two years really???) and this is some of my most favorite times with friends! But its the last season and I know we will have to find a new obsession so we still have an excuse to get together!

Today the kiddos and I are enjoying a lazy morning around the house and then we are having some friends for lunch and some time at the park . . . .

Maybe I'll rest tomorrow!

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annaliese said...

sooo busy! and yet in all remain positive and fun to be around! what a blessing that is to your friends--you know, many people choose to whine and complain when life gets busy--you seem to see the blessing of rest as well as the blessing in the busy-ness :) love you!