Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My good friend A and I joined Weight Watchers together.  Well actually, this will be my third time down the WW hallway.  Technically I am a lifetime member having met and maintained my goal weight some 4yrs back.  Now that I have gained a good 20lbs+ of that back I am back on the wagon - so to speak.  And that means calculating and counting points.

I like this  part of the WW program - its easy and really helpful.  I keep track of my eating habits without having to count calories and I am more mindful of my choices.  No food is off-limits - but healthier foods are far less points so you eat more when you make smarter choices.

So for the next few blogs dont be surprised if you see alot of WW information and recipes.  It keeps me on track to write things down - and who knows - it may be of use to some of you too:)

Today I am starting with breakfasts.  Here is what I had this morning:

4 ice cubes (0)
4-6 large frozen strawberries (0)
1 tbs Frozen Orange juice concentrate (1)
1 (6oz) container non-fat, sugar-free strawberry yoghurt (1)
1 cup reduced cal, no-suger added, vanilla soy milk (1)

Blend together until smooth.  (3) pts!  Yummy!