Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catching up!

So many things have gone by since my last post.  But I am determined to pick up my blogging again! 

May:  Nathaniel turned 11!  I can hardly believe how time flies!  After his serious illness last year Nathaniel returned to school to repeat the fourth grade and made it through with flying colors! Now, no longer the smallest and youngest in his class he has made more friends and turned into a bit of a mr. cool.  (just ask the girls in his class :)

June:  Both kids finished up school and I had a successful audition for the Oregon Children's theater.  Always rewarding to get a call back for a big professional company!!!! Unfortunately, I was out of town for the call back weekend - but I will continue to put myself out there! 

July and August: somewhat on a spur of the moment the kids and I decided to take the whole summer for a Cross Canada road trip.  Hannah kept a blog up about it - you can catch up here:

Sept.  The kids are back in school - Hannah is in grade Eight and Thaniel is in the Fifth Grade.  Its crazy for me to believe that they have grown so much and so quickly!

Eric is back at work and I am back to theater and Crazy busy!  More on all my current and upcoming projects soon!  For now - enjoy a picture from our summer adventure!