Monday, January 30, 2012

It's raining THEATER!

Wow - its been a super busy, crazy theater filled life these past few weeks!!

Into The Woods closed last weekend - what a fun show that is!  I had a pretty small part in this production - so I had lots of time to help with building the set and once we opened helping other cast mates with their quick changes and makeup.  It reminded me how much I enjoy those sorts of creative outlets - arts and crafts, building, painting, makeup etc.  I need to find more ways to be creative in my life!

During our second week of production I had the pleasure of directing a Staged Reading for the annual Fertile Ground Festival in Portland.  Its a festival of new works of art (visual, dance, theater, musicals etc) that runs 10 days in Jan every year.  Its a festival that is gaining momentum and every year it is bigger & better!  I am so pleased to have been a part of it!!

I've also had a plethora of auditions in the past couple of weeks.  I auditioned for the musical You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.  I love this show - I played Snoopy in high school and it remains one of my favorite theater memories.  The script was revised and expanded for a Broadway revival in 1999 and has a bunch of new music -  its fantastic!  I got the part of Sally and even though we just started I am having a BLAST at rehearsals so far!

I also got called in to audition for Imago Theater in Portland.  I had sent my resume to this company some time ago - so it was quite a thrill to be chosen for an audition.  I felt it went well - but the style of the theater is very avant guard, whimsical, edgy, experimental and alternative.  Think - David Mamet meets Cirque de Soliel.   (no idea how that is spelled!)  Anyway - I didn't get a call back (yet:) for that show - but I hope to have the opportunity to audition for them again!

Yesterday I had the chance to participate in a singing 'Salon' with some of Portland's finest voices.  Its quite an honor to be included and once you are 'in' on the salons it becomes a 'soft audition' of sorts.  Lots of sharing, feedback and a very relaxed and encouraging atmosphere!  What a neat experience!!  I sang two pieces and it went very well! The gal 'in charge' made a point of saying how she was looking forward to working with me in the future - that is a very good sign!!  This group puts together some pretty fantastic professional Cabaret shows at a very cool venue in Portland.  Fingers crossed!!!

And finally!  I have started teaching an acting class for adults with one of the local community theaters here in Vancouver.  Its the kind of class I have always wanted to teach - and I am having a good time with it!  It is so rewarding to pass on the things you have learned and see others grow in their craft!  Also, I have a potential job offer from a theater school in West Linn (suburb of Portland) and am waiting to hear back on that - so exciting!!  If I get it - I will be teaching weekend seminars for advanced teen actors in the summer - how cool is that?!

So thats all the theater going on right now for me!  whew!  I'd say that was all - but Hannah is still plugging away with the Junior Symphony of  Vancouver and rapidly growing into a find cellist.  She is also now first chair in her school orchestra :)  And Eric is back in the Pit playing guitar for New Century Players upcoming "Hairspray!".  So between the three of us - there is not one day a week without somekind of rehearsal!!

I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forks over Knives

We just watched this documentary the other night and I cant stop thinking about it!  There was so much information that I had to watch it again - and I even bought the book!  Basically its a preventative approach to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other common killers in North America.

The idea is to focus more (or even entirely) on a Plant-based, Whole foods diet.  Thats it.  No pills, potions, and moderate exercise and sleep.  Basically eat 90% (or more) of your foods from things that are plant-based (fruit, veggies, grains, legumes & nuts) and 10% or less from dairy, fish and meat. 

Since I don't eat much, if any red meat and pork anyway - for me this is a pretty simple and enlightening prospect.  I've been reading so much about the benefits of organic produce and wanting to incorporate that more into our day to day living anyway so this is a good fit!  I highly recommend this documentary - available on Netflicks.

Tonite made a recipe that I have made before (usually using lean ground turkey) but this time subbing in tofu instead.  Everyone (except Thaniel) thought the tofu version was even tastier!  Give it a try!

Tofu & Mushroom Asian Style Lettuce Wraps

(this is enough for 4 hungry adults - you could half or double depending on your needs)

In an electric skillet or Large non-stick pan dry fry:
1/2 med onion diced
1 pkg (about 2 cups) mushrooms diced (I used baby bellas but white button would be fine too)
2 pkgs extra firm silken tofu drained and rough chopped
2 cans sliced water chestnuts drained and chopped
1/2 cup raw walnuts chopped
1 bunch cilantro rinsed and chopped

1 teas chinese mustard
1 tbs (or to taste) chili sauce
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce

1 teas hot chilli oil with peanut (optional but good - find this in an Asian grocery)

heat over med until tofu breaks up and mushrooms are cooked through (about 10mins) Mix together mustard, chilli sauce, oil (if using) and soy sauce.  Pour over tofu mixture and stir to combine.

Serve with large green leaf lettuce or iceburg lettuce leaves.  I leave the soy sauce and chilli sauce on the table for anyone who wants it saltier or spicier.