Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Always start off with a good title eh?

My DH (dear hubby) is blessed with both a mathematical mind (mechanical engineer that he is - this comes in handy at grocery stores too!) and a musical mind (he's one of the best guitarists and pianists I know). He can fix mechanical things, is a computer WHIZ and manages to repair just about any thing I can break around the house. Living with someone so smart and talented without feeling worthless can be a challenge at times.

Add to this the fact that he is a genuinely nice guy. Fantastic dad, great provider and loving Christian and it can be hard to find fault (though somehow I manage!). None of us are perfect. Not even my DH who at times can be major-ly grouchy, forgetful, insensitive, bossy and, may I even say, at times condescending (see previous list of accomplishments if you are having trouble imagining such a thing!)

It always has bothered me that I am often told how lucky I am to have married him. OR that I am awfully lucky to be married to a man that 'lets' me do what I want to do. I guess on some level this is true. I am married to an incredibly intelligent, sweet, loving and great looking man who has nearly no Neanderthal qualities.

Still I wonder. Why is it that I am the lucky one? I mean, isn't he lucky to have me also? I think he is. And he thinks so too.

Let's teach our daughters their worth shall we? Don't they deserve to have the kind of man we'd all like to have?

scruffy DH

Sleeping DH

Guitar playing DH

Daddy DH


Goofy said...

Yup. They're lucky to be married to US who "let" them do what they want... sometimes. :D

Angela said...

You ARE amazing, Dorinda. So am I.. just nobody has figured it out yet. ;) It is a sad thing in our culture that women expect so much from themselves and from each other, but not from the men in their lives. We seem to set the bar so much higher for other women and it is unjust. Just the same, we do it.. constantly. When men do similar amazing things, we are surprised beyond belief that it was possible. I only wish more women would take time to invest in friendships with men as they do women. I find that my male friendships have a great grounding effect. Perspective is an interesting thing.

shaniber said...

I think that a more appropriate thing to say is that you and he are lucky to have found each other. if you believe in luck, that is.

from the sounds of it, the two of you make an excellent pair, complimenting each other's strengths and talents with your own. so perhaps luck has nothing to do with it, and it's more a case of excellent choice.

don't mind me, it's 0130, I've been taking pictures of my friends playing rock band all night, and I'm hopped up on coca cola, so I'm stream-of-conscious-ing on you. :-)

StefRobrts said...

When I was growing up all the men in our family were beer-swilling 'neanderthals' and I literally thought that if that was what men were like, I could do just fine without, thank you very much. So I do feel I'm lucky I met Dave. I think guys like him (and your hubby) are far outnumbered by the other type :-)

dotoner said...

I never had a Neanderthal dad or brothers (mostly) and my mom was very strong and independent. Dad was liberated enough to change diapers, clean the house and cook. Mom was liberated enough to work. Interesting how what we grow up with reflects in out choices as adults?? It absolutely drives me crazy when good friends have to ASK their DH's PERMISSION to do things. (dont get me started!)

annaliese said...

I'd love to add a clever comment, but simply can't come up with one--just want you to know I read this ;)

TurleyFamily said...

so, I can just picture a quiet moment between you and Eric... gazing into each other's eyes, and then you whisper:
You know,my love, you have nearly no Neanderthal qualities...
you guys are great :)

dotoner said...

Pam - you crack me up!!!