Friday, January 23, 2009

valentine's day poem

Nathaniel wanted to write a poem for his 'girlfriend' for Valentines day. So he did what any smart eight year old would do: asked his big sister to help him!

Here is what they came up with:

The time of love has come back this year
The time of flowers, kisses and ribbon
Hang a pearl in every cow slips ear
and let your love know you care.
Let the light pour in,
From the smiling faces,
All I ask is one simple question:

Will you be my Valentine?

(with some help from Hannah (10))

I tried to scan this so you could see the swans he drew but couldn't get it to work !(


Goofy said...


Hmmm... do I see a future Shakespeare here?

Amy said...

How adorable! By the way, I'm having a blast watching your kids at rehearsal. Hannah's precision with lines and blocking -- she's like an adult in a kid's body (which I know you already know) -- and her beaming smile... and Nathaniel's silly fairy behavior (disco dancing?!) and perfect expressions of surprise or joy - whatever is appropriate in the moment. :)

dotoner said...

thanks Amy - its so weird to drop them off and not be there! LOL Good to know there are watchful eyes on them and that they are doing well!

Angela said...

you guys are raising such a great man and woman to be. i am excited to see what the future holds for them. =)

annaliese said...

so precious! and even more so that they worked on it together--love that!

btw--the word verification is actick...actick? isn't that what we hope to avoid while on stage? act-ick? bwahahahaha. oh I'm hilarious.