Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OH how I love my crockpot!

While not QUITE obsessed, I have been using the crock-pot a LOT lately. (the discovery of the Crock-pot Lady's Blog has certainly inspired me to try new things) Also, in keeping with those aforementioned resolutions, eating healthy meals at home has been key to resisting temptation, saving time and money and staying on track. What's not to love abut the crock-pot!?!?

I'm really overdue for a trip to the grocery store so supper tonight is a 'pantry/freezer' meal. Here is what is simmering in my crock-pot today:

1 quart sized freezer bag of homemade vegetable spaghetti sauce (I make this in big batches several times a year and freeze the leftovers. the recipe changes depending on what I have on hand)
1 jar Newman's Own spaghetti sauce
1 can low sodium diced tomatoes
1 pkg Italian turkey sausage links browned on the stove top and then cut up (I had these in the freezer)
2-3 generous handfuls of (pre-bagged) baby spinach
1 small (2oz) can sliced black olives drained
1 teas sea salt
generous grind black pepper

This is just a mess of things I found in the cupboards, freezer and fridge. The picture does it no justice. It already looks and smells fantastic. I will serve this over whole wheat noodles.


dotoner said...

just an FYI - Eric was stuck at work so the kids had 'fast food' from trader Joes (sushi for Hannah and Falafel, pita and hummus for Thaniel - their choices) We'll have this tomorrow as a family . . . !

dotoner said...

um yah - this was fantastic! I will make this again!

Georgie said...

I adore my crockpots. I have several, and use them constantly. My favorite things to make in the crock pot are spaghetti sauce and baked beans.

I am so jealous that you live near a Trader Joe's....