Tuesday, January 27, 2009

another snowy day!

I am seriously getting tired of this!

I really miss sunshine. and planting flowers. and sitting out by the fire. and having bbqs.

SUMMER - come soon!


StefRobrts said...

I think I've seen enough snow to last me two years!

Goofy said...

Enough snow already!!!
Although, I have to admit, it came at the right time. I honestly tried to make it in to work. But when a police officer tells you to turn around because the road is closed, you LISTEN.
And good timing because now I can work on that 4 to 6 page paper that's due Sunday. whee.

dotoner said...

I kept the kids home for the morning and then drove them to school after lunch when it was a bit clearer on the roads.

annaliese said...

I am most looking forward to warmer weather so I can stop nagging my youngest child to keep her clothes on. Evie is violently opposed to wearing anything more than a leotard and flip flops today.