Monday, December 29, 2008


Do you write them down? Think about them? Want to do them but procrastinate so long that you are mid-year before you get around to it?

I love em. I make resolutions not just at New Years, but monthly, weekly, daily. I resolve to be better, kinder, nicer, thinner, more organized, evangelical, brave, tough, less wasteful and healthier almost everyday.

Do I keep them? Um, yes. And often no.

What I love about resolve is it is a never ending fountain of motivation. Mess up? Say the wrong thing? Over-react? Eat too much? Here's my biggest and most powerful resolve:

Start over. Start anew. Resolve to do better next time.

Cheers to you in your new year. May you keep all your resolutions - over and over!

1 comment:

annaliese said...

I have to wait until next Monday...THEN I'll start...