Monday, December 1, 2008

Yeah - its December!

Here are the things I love about December (in no particular order):

- the snow (well I remember it at any rate!!)
- baking goodies
- having parties
- scented candles
- Christmas trees
- pine cones
- walking the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights on the houses
- going to Christmas concerts and plays
- listening to Christmas music
- singing carols
- having the kids home for vacation
- eating too much
- staying up late watching movies
- playing board games
- candlelight service on Christmas eve
- Charlie Brown special
- White Christmas
- reading Dickens (Cricket on the Hearth-again!)
- eggnog
- roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
- hugs
- hearing thank you
- watching the kids open their presents
- decorating the house
- sleeping in
- working at Share for the Christmas drive
- bells
- hot chocolate
- buying stocking stuffers
- giving gifts
- the Christmas story
- spending time with Eric and the kids
- getting packages in the mail
- plugging in the Christmas tree
- taking pictures
- using the Christmas china


annaliese said...

nice list :) thank you! (see--I gave you something on your list...although I guess technically you didn't 'hear' it...)

dotoner said...

I am such a list-maker! Its a disease - really!