Friday, December 19, 2008

Toner Family 2008 Christmas Letter

It's the week before Christmas and all through the house
Is laundry and chaos and as for my spouse
Eric's at work and the kids are done school
So they're both comfy watching TV with some food,
And Mom in her sweatpants is busy downstairs
Stealing a few minutes to take time to share . . .

Out of my window is actual snow! (a real Northwest freak-show)
That is gorgeous and joyous and leaves me a-glow
The locals are huddled in parkas and mitts
Canadians are walking around without jackets
So with rare snow and ice there is much Christmas cheer
Though folks scared to drive hope it soon disappears

So I sit at my computer and contemplate the year
What have we been up to? What news should I share?
Of things most exciting that's happened to us here . . .
And while I try to think of what will bring Christmas cheer
Of course I must tell you of Hannah and Thaniel
Our two lively kids, of their antics and banter

First Hannah, she's oldest, and thinks she knows best
And life in Fifth Grade is a drama without rest
She sings and takes gymnastics, writes novels and dreams
She talks quite non-stop, or at least, so it seems!
Now I know you're all chuckling and thinking who she's like?
But she is also most giving, and sweet and our delight!

And then there is Thaniel, who knows he is brave
He takes Tae Kwon Do and its all the rave
He's now in third grade and on most days he likes it
His newest ambition is to be an RCMP or maybe a playwright
He loves to create things on paper and lego
But mostly he is caring, and sweet and our hero

As for me and for Eric, we are both well and happy
We are grateful for our kids, our home and our families
Speaking of family, to New Brunswick this summer,
To see a sister get married and welcome a new brother
Colleen and Peter - the Kung Fu king and queen of marriage
A fun outdoor wedding with a golf cart their carriage

And at home we were favoured with a visit from afar
From Saskatchewan came Grandma and Grandpa and their camper
They drove in to see us and dote on the children
With presents, and camping and time to spend with them,
My parents, and summer, were gone all too quickly
Our time here with them and on the coast was a blessing.

And so here we are as another year ends
Thinking back fondly on family and friends
We look forward to all that God has in store
And hope we can share when he blesses us more
Some of you we'll see soon, some maybe never
But we pray for you all in each of your endeavours.

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Love from the Toners
Dorinda, Eric, Hannah, Nathaniel


annaliese said...

impressive! both your year and your rhyme! very nice! :)

Jaynie Roberts said...

That's great! I love Nathaniel's face in the picture where Hannah is kissing his cheek. LOL

dotoner said...

thanks - I just realized that Than has his eyes squishy in almost every picture I posted! ha ha

snazzykc said...

How fun, I love creative people-hope your holiday is fantastic!

Mer said...

Now that was a Christmas letter worth reading. :0) I especially liked the part about Canadians walking around in the snow without their jackets. ;0)

Heather Lough said...

Great letter, Dorinda. Very creative. I've got to get working on mine.

dotoner said...

Lots of time to work on those Christmas cards in weather like this!

Angela said...

Merry Christmas Toners! I really enjoyed reading your Christmas letter.. all we needed were some shots of y'all working together at 606.. =) I'm so excited for 2009!