Sunday, April 21, 2013

Heavy Duty Bathroom (soap scum) Cleaner

I've been inspired lately to create non-toxic, environmentally and wallet friendly versions of some of my everyday house-hold cleaners.  They are inexpensive, work just as well (if not better!) than store bought versions - and I know exactly what goes into them!

Ooooh - this one is easy and SO crazy effective! Eric and I tried this on the guest bath sink and we both agreed we've never seen it so clean since we moved in.  Seriously! I was sceptical about this recipe (because every blogger RAVES about it - but they were right) it's crazy good!

Bathroom cleaner:

1cup dishsoap (I used Palmolive cause that's what was under the sink - the inter-web groupies insist Dawn is best)
2 cups HOT vinegar (this is important)
10(ish) drops essential oils (I used lavender and peppermint)

Heat the vinegar in the microwave until HOT.  Add to dishsoap and stir in essential oils.  (I put mine directly into the spray bottle and shook it up really well)

UPDATE:  This stuff REALLY, REALLY works.  I have two or three small comments about it however.

One - the smell of vinegar is pretty strong initially. Once its rinsed away - just the scent of the soap and essential oils are left - but during the cleaning process this can be a little overwhelming if you are sensitive to scent (as I am).

Two- there is a lot of SOAP in this (duh) so it really bubbles up as you rinse.  I've found that following the rinsing with a dry paper towel or cloth works wonders and really makes things SPARKLE after using this cleanser.

Three - this stuff can be sprayed on (its a gel consistency) and left on for a few minutes to overnight for really built up soap scum and/or grime.  I sprayed around my kitchen taps, went to bed and when I got up was able to wipe years of hardwater residue off with no scrubbing at all.  Magic!

Okay and ONE more comment - I tried this stuff as a laundry pre-treat and it worked pretty well.  I bought a tee shirt a while back and proceeded to drop my water-proof mascara down the front.  grr.  Nothing else has taken the stain completely away - this one has come the closest.  I'm going to try spraying it and leaving it over night. 

If you make this cleaner - I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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