Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We got a PUPPY!!

I know, it seems random and odd - lol!

And he is actually a 14mth old ENORMOUS 60+lb Treeing Walker Coon-hound.  Not much of a puppy to the naked eye .  . .

he is a poorly behaved, full of mischief, chew on ANYTHING, get in trouble the minute you turn your back, steal food off the counter, bark UNENDINGLY at the kitties, steal your dirty socks, follow his nose rather than your comands, PUPPY.

BUT he is also loving, sweet, protective, kiss you when he wakes up, greets you at the door as if you set the moon, hide his nose when you are mad at him, lean on you for love, roll over to have his belly rubbed - big BABY.

oh, and his breed is approved for Autism spectrum kids.  And he LOVES Nathaniel and Hannah.  Is eager to please, smart and a big sweetheart.

Even Eric loves him . . . .

meet Sherlock!

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