Monday, September 13, 2010

returning to the land of Blogging

It's been an enormously busy, emotional and challenging year!  Lots of things have been happening and I am taking some time to return to the things that bring me joy.  And YES, this blog is one of them.

I confess I have occasionally stopped by to catch up on everyone else's blogs but just couldn't muster up the energy (or TIME) to put into words all the things that were going on.

One of the biggest things was Nathaniel getting so very sick this year.  I have parts one and two of that story blogged along with some boring information on the disease itself.  Part three is rattling around in my brain but it may be a while before I get it all down.

In the meantime I will try to catch up  on family happenings, post recipe successes and failures, fill you in on on my theatrical ventures and wax philosphical when ever the opportunity presents itself.


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