Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our HSP Story (part three)

So when we last left off  . . .

Nathaniel was a swollen, bruised and bloodied mess but resting on, antibiotics (for the Strep), anti-nauseates (to stop the vomiting) and Prednisone (to combat the bleeding in his stomach).

Slowly over the next several hours the doctors and nurses kept close watch on him.  They weaned him from the anti-nauseates and low and behold the vomiting had stopped.  Now to test it with food.  "HALF a popcicle", the Doctor said and we'll see what happens.  It stayed down!  A couple hours later - some jello.  That stayed down too!

The last vestige was for him to be able to "eliminate" on his own.  On his own was funny to me because his joints were so swollen and painful he need assistance getting from the bed to the toilet and because he was hooked up to an IV he also needed assistance moving that into the bathroom too.  But eventually we managed.

I have since said that this hospital stay would have been GREAT fodder for directing WIT which I had completed the previous summer.  For the first 12hrs of Thaniel's stay on the children's ward he was so fragile that they put him in isolation.  This meant no visitors and any Doctors and Nurses entering his room were required to be in gown, glove and mask before touching him.  Also his input and "output" were measured to ensure kidney function - I spent half my time quoting WIT - "time to measure this emesis" ha ha ha.

We spent time watching movies and letting Than sleep.  Taking pictures between (and during) rounds and waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally around supper time the next day  - everyone agreed he was stable enough to go home and REST.  We were instructed to keep him in bed as much as possible, watch closely for any further signs of bleeding and were given a prescription for anti-nauseates, something to coat his stomach since it was so irritated and raw and the steriod Prednisone.  He would also need to be checked by his family physician every 2-3 days.

My dear friend Suze was a Phenomenal help to us in those few days - she picked up Hannah and took her home to feed her and let her sleep over.  She enlisted the help of another good friend Amanda and they (with Hannah's help) came into our home and SCRUBBED the bathrooms, kitchen, living room, Nathaniel's bedroom - anywhere a germ could find my little guy - so that he would be coming home to a safe germ-free environment.  Suze brought me a change of clothes and a toothbrush, said she would sit with Nathaniel and ushered me into the hospital room's bathroom for a shower.  She brought Nathaniel games, books and her son to visit.  She was an angel.  A bossy, lovely, thoughtful angel.  MANY people offered to help and brought gifts of games and toys and food to us at this time - I cant even list everyone on here and I am so grateful to each of them - Suzanne though - did not ask what I needed she simply brought her best and gave it freely.

It was scary taking Nathaniel home in such a fragile state - I felt as if we should keep him in hospital longer.  Surely the doctors would take better care of him than I would?  I did not know if I was up to the task of caring for someone so sick - what if he became violently ill again?  The hospital staff assured us we were more than capable and that they would be there if we needed them.  We wrapped Thaniel up in far too many blankets, carefully loaded him in the car, drove slowly home and carried him in to the sofa.  My next thought - ok now what???

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