Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in Pictures and a few goals

2009 was an interesting and extremely busy year. In 2010 I plan to pay more attention to my health.
Not just weight loss and fitness (those of you who know me
KNOW those are at the top of my list!) but health in other areas too.
I do intend to re-focus on my healthy eating and working out. I miss it and I know I look and feel better about myself when I am trying to live healthfully.
I intend to spend more time with Eric and the kids.
Less time stressing about things I cannot control.

And I intend to be more forgiving - of myself and of others.

2010 will be a challenging year! But then - who doesn't love a challenge??


annaliese said...

love it! wonderful goals :)

karin said...

Goals are good, those dang resolutions are hard to keep! I am totally with you on the eating and exercising...I give you the permission to ask about and send nuggets of wisdom if you like. We need people to keep us accountable.