Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where do you keep your ADA?

Saturday night we had a fantastic time at the Magenta Theater celebrating our first annual ADA's (Artistic Director Awards). It was a completely touching, funny and rewarding night looking back over all the hard work and amazing accomplishments of the past year.

In addition to being surprised with a couple awards myself I have to say the highlight of the night was watching those I had worked so hard with rewarded for their outstanding achievements. Seriously I was puffed up like a mother hen and my cheeks ACHED from smiling so much!

I now have my personal ADA's on display in our living room. My friend J should be so very proud of her company! I know I am :)


annaliese said...

and I am so proud of YOU!!!!!!!! :)

Goofy said...

Thanks for the last four and a half years, my friend! And here's to the next 10, at LEAST!

Mer said...

My ADA's on my piano currently. I see it daily, and Bryan is constantly teasing me about "always doing something with Magenta." I think he is proud. :)

Thanks again for teaching me what it takes to be AD/SM. :)