Thursday, October 22, 2009

100% day

on the Nutrisystem website 100% days are much lauded and much sought after. They are rare and enviable and hard to achieve!

In spite of Nutrisystem having covered all basic components of meals, providing concise lists of what add-on fresh foods are available, giving a pretty comprehensive list of 'extra' and free' foods, free - online and over the phone consellors 24/7 AND community website support . . . it seems that sticking 100% to the diet can be a real challenge!

Doesn't that seem to be true of everything lately - lol?? I have everything I need to keep a clean and organized house. Stay on top of the kid's schedules, prepare healthy meals for my family and deliver 100% on my out of the home commitments. Yet despite my efforts - I hardly ever hit a 100% day.

I try not to be too hard on myself - but I do tend toward an all or nothing personality. Must learn to cut myself some slack - but not tooo much - LOL


byumomof4 said...

I've learned you do your best, and then you have tomorrow to try again...
hang in there- you are awesome!!! :D

snazzykc said...

I like the 80/20% principle...Do program/chores/exercise/etc 80% of the time and 20% of the time enjoy life.

By the way, the same can be true for me too. 100% is hard to do!

be real and life is more fun,