Friday, September 18, 2009

It's arrived

My HUGE box of Nutrisystem foods arrived yesterday. What fun! It took some sorting and moving things around to find space in the kitchen for everything.

Now I just have to stick to it. That shouldn't be too hard. Except when I get bored of the food. Or have a really stressful day. Or want to go out with friends. Or . . . . LOL!!!

No really, I can do this!


StefRobrts said...

Explain for the uninitiated how this works. So is it a lot of boxed and canned goods? Is it ready-meals, or do they give you recipes? Do they give you a menu to stick to?

I think this must be the worst possible time for you to be starting this, I know Dave and I are having an awful hard time sticking to our menu and not eating fast food with all the running around for the play right now! I'm sure things are just as crazy or more so for you!

byumomof4 said...

You can totally do it!!!
Go Dorinda!!!

annaliese said...

of course you can do it--but you still must go out as well!!! just bring along your powder food ;)

dotoner said...

Mostly ready-made meals. You add the dairy and fresh produce. Some of it is microwavable. Some of it is dry packaged (bars, cereal, snacks etc) so you just eat out of the bag. Some meal are reconstituted with boiling water (like the soups).

The food is for the most part much better than I expected. So far have only not cared for one or two things and have been very pleasantly surprised by others.

The hardest part is the not going out! Oh and the no wine . . . there was that cast party the other night so I haven't mastered that one quite yet!