Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The home town crowd

So for a few brief years I really considered myself a musician. All during high school I competed in vocal competitions, played various instruments and dreamt of singing for big venues. In many ways that dream came true early.

At 18 I was the choral director for a major government funded Community Play project and got to be on the Cast recording. Also at 18 I learnt that I had made it into New Creations Ministries touring group 'Morning Star' this meant a two album contract and 10mth cross country tour. So exciting! Over the years that followed Eric and I hardly had a week without a gig of some-kind. Playing for weddings, coffee houses, touring with a Face in the Crowd and Crew Ministries, playing Glimpse in Edmonton and being hired out to work with church music teams. I also had the amazing opportunity to sing in the Alberta Lyric Choir and the Concordia Concert Choir. I gained so much knowledge from those choral experiences! Being on the Concordia Concert Choir Album was a big thrill! All in all it was a busy, fun and fulfilling time!

After a while though everyone has to grow up a bit. We had kids, went to school, got jobs (yes in that order - no wonder we were so poor!) and had to face reality! For me I was fortunate enough to be able to stay in the arts and focus on my truest passion - the theater.

Which brings me to the whole point of this blog (finally I know! If you are bored stop reading - I wont be offended!!) Eric and I are returning to our musical roots this week and playing a coffeehouse style gig at the Magenta Theater (606 Main St).

The reactions to this have been varied and also quite funny. You see, despite the fact that both Eric and I are Canadian Recoding Artists, both individually and together, most of that life happened before we ever lived here and before we made the friends we have now. Some of the people I know now have asked if the 'Canadian Recording Artist thing' was a ploy to make it (the event) sound good? Someone else asked why they should have to pay a $5 cover to hear me sing Karaoke? Quite a few others have remarked 'you are a musician? I never knew that! What do you play? Can you sing?'

It is funny. But it also makes me feel very nervous! Playing (singing) in front of strangers is easy. Playing for the hometown is a whole different ballgame. They know you - or at least part of you - so there are pre-conceived notions of who you are. Also I find those who know you the best can sometimes be the most critical! Don't believe me - go ask your mother!! So while I am hoping that this Sunday will be well attended there is this small part of me that wishes I had never volunteered for this gig!

Alright . . . off to practise!


StefRobrts said...

Those who have heard you sing kareoke would KNOW you're worth the $5 cover charge - you're very good! I'm looking forward to your gig, because I've heard you sing, and I've heard Eric play, but I haven't really heard you both together. It should be fun.

Angela said...

I'm sure it will be great! I know, like me, you're still more comfortable up there than in the audience. =) Of course, unlike karaoke, we won't be hooting and hollering offstage. hehe

snazzykc said...

Well I for one am looking forward to hearing the great Canadian singers!!

snazzykc said...

Oh and it was so much fun!!!
I can't wait until the next one you do...

annaliese said...

yes, getting back to it can be nerve-racking, but a return to a passion, a true-gifting, like what we saw on Sunday--is so worth it! thank you, both, for being bold enough to expose that to us! your fans are waiting for more...!!!