Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My old friend


has been paying me visits more frequently lately.

Some people don't understand that I don't invite him in - I tell him he is not wanted. I tell myself tonight I will have a great sleep! Tonight I will best this thing that hovers . . . I drink some wine so he can see I am very sleepy after all . . . but like a guest who stays too long

he doesn't take the hint.

He will wait - while I try to read, while I turn out the light, when I toss and turn, when I flip the pillow to the cool side, when I listen to the bumps in the night. when I concentrate on breathing, when I force my eyes to close and calm my heart, when I get up to use the bathroom, when I sigh loudly, when I check the clock again and again

and again . . .

and it's already tomorrow . . .



annaliese said...

oh dear, and there I am calling you early this morning...hopefully you were sleeping in, my friend!

perhaps we should look into the yoga classes?

StefRobrts said...

I find there's nothing for a bout of insomnia quite like moving out to the couch. Something about the couch, and some really boring TV (dull engineering documentaries on the discovery channel are my favorite, sometimes I'll keep one on the DVR just in case) seem to do the trick! And if it doesn't work, then I've learned 'the history of brick' and you never know when you might need that ;-)

Georgie said...

one word - melatonin. it worked miracles for me when i moved to FL and was an insomniac for a few months.

snazzykc said...

Sometimes your friend visits me too. I agree with the comment about the couch-something about being hugged by that bit of furniture and not seeing the clock helps. Don't read a book- I have been known to go back to bed at 9am because I had to finish.
My girlfriend swears by the melatonin too.