Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay here it is! This recipe has been extensively played with and I am now happy with it! (I have adapted this from Diana Dyer's Cancer website. A three time cancer surviver Diana is a registered dietitian who focuses on healthy, natural recipes that taste amazing and have anti-cancer properties.)

Note: Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds. It has a strong flavor. I use tahini sauce as it is already premixed with lemon juice and olive oil for a slightly milder flavor. You can always start with one teas and increase to taste. Do not skip it completely though - you will have a spread that tastes like chickpea goo without it!

Dorinda's Hummus

2 cans garbanzo beans (chick-peas) thoroughly drained
2 teas. tahini sauce (or paste) I buy mine in the refrigerator section at Trader Joes
1 generous teas. sea salt
2 heaping teas. pre-minced garlic (opt. but very tasty and good anti-cancer properties in garlic)
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup olive oil

Combine all but oil in a food processor. Blend (mixture may be thick at first) Slowly blend in Olive oil and continue to process until very smooth. Use as a dip for tortilla chips, a spread for crackers or bread, as a dip for raw veggies, instead of mayo on your sandwich or with tuna. Keeps in the refrigerator for up to two weeks though ours never last longer than a few days!

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dotoner said...

I would like to add that we have found making your own hummus to be very cost effective. Yes, the tahini can set you back about 4 bucks initially but it lasts forever in the fridge and you only use it a couple of teaspoons at a time. The entire recipe cost about $2 a batch and makes a generous portion. We would have easily paid 5-6$ for the same amount at Winco. . . . FYI only!