Thursday, December 20, 2012

vegan hot chcolate

I love hot chocolate but since I've been cutting drastically back on dairy and sugar the regular powdered stuff makes my tummy hurt.

I fiddled around with this this morning and cant believe I didnt do this sooner.  its stupid easy and so, so good!  Reminds me of the 'real' hot chocolate my mom used to make on the stove for us to have coming in from playing in the snow or skating.

Here's what I did:

11/2 teas dark unsweetened cocoa
3 teas splenda (you could use stevia or agave if you are anti-sweeteners)
1 cup almond milk

I mixed the dry ingredients with just a touch of the milk first to get the lumps out and then added the rest and warmed it up in the microwave until hot and steamy.

TRY this.  You could always use soy but the subtle nutty flavour of the almond milk is devine with chocolate.

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