Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January happenings

Its been a crazy busy month.  After the whirlwind of She Loves Me (the musical that Eric, Hannah and I were all involved in), Christmas with my Mum and Dad and having a new room-mate move in - it was a really busy December!  Somehow I though January would smooth out, slow down and get back into a natural, relaxed groove.

Instead its been non-stop activity!  I've been actively pursuing my interests in the arts - even though I am not directing anything this year  I have been focusing on getting my resume updated, new head-shots taken, I've had two auditions, started working with a vocal coach and even had a private lesson with an acting coach! (More on that when there is more to report).

I'm also back on Weight Watchers, tracking what I eat and working out (sporadically) on my new  Wii Active II.  I am doing well and feeling better about myself. I kinda hope I settle into the domestics around the house a little more - get myself more on a schedule - but in truth I've never really been good at that :) 

So thats the not very exciting updates.  Not to much to share but also not wanting to neglect this blog for quite so long as I have been :)

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karin said...

It is hard to find the discipline to change lots of things at once. I think the next few months you should totally focus on you...spoken from a momma who didn't when her's were young! Get to the point where you feel really great about YOU and the other things will happen.
love ya-k