Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our HSP Story (part two)

Over the next couple of days Nathaniel's rash continued to spread over his feet, ankles, legs, bottom and arms. He ran a fever, complained of constant pain and could not mange to bear any weight on his legs.  He was taking antibiotics for the Strep throat and Tylenol for the pain.

By Wednesday March 30th (just over one week after he first started feeling poorly) he became very nauseous and started vomiting.  I like to believe I am from the school of parenting that is Non-Panicking but when it became more blood than vomit I called the doctor.

When the Dr. office called us back - it was not reassuring.  'Take him to Dorenbecher - to the emergency room.  We are calling ahead so they know he is coming.'  Oh dear!  So we loaded up the boy, his Lambie and his 'bowl'  and headed into Portland.  Here is what he looked like on arrival:

They started an IV and pumped him up with anti nauseates to stop the vomiting.  The ER doctor decided to call in a consult from the Paediatric ward, who suggested that he must have had a stomach bleed (due to the purpura in his stomach)  and should be kept for observation.  So Thaniel was admitted and moved to the childrens ward.

Due to the bleed in his stomach he was not allowed any food or drink and they started him on 40mg of Prednisone to stop the bleeding.  After a battery of blood work and testing we settled in for the night.  By morning Nathaniel's body was covered in bruises and his joints had swollen enormously.  Here are some pics of the swelling:

 Yep - thats MY thumb and Nathaniel's hand!!  And here is what his face looked like - just from sleeping on that side of his body!!  Poor baby,

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