Sunday, November 8, 2009

depression cooking lessons for a recession??

if you are anything like us, your finances have taken a big hit over the past year. despite tightening our belts on daily expenses and kiboshing the luxury 'extras' (like dishtv & starbucks), things are tight. uncomfortably so!

and if you are anything like us you and your DH/DW have been discussing ways to either reduce costs or increase income - maybe both!! I came across this very cool utube site called Depression Cooking with Clara. Clara is a 90+ spitfire who goes back to the basics of cheap cooking - sharing recipes from when she was a kid in the great depression. she also is incredibly cute and entertaining when sharing her life stories.

according to Clara, a family who had chickens and a garden actually ate pretty well during the depression and if you were lucky enough to be able to afford such luxuries, a sack of flour and a sack of potatoes - you had everything you needed to be healthy.

hmmm, a sack of flour and a sack of potatoes - luxuries? and here I am be-moaning the loss of my DVR . . . . makes you think. and be grateful. not to mention - many of her recipies look very scrummy! as Clara says 'eat and enjoy!'

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snazzykc said...

I hear ya sista'. Luckily for me our home business is helping us out. Now we need to eat all the leftovers and those things in the back of the pantry!