Thursday, July 23, 2009


There seems to be a spirit of malcontent in my house lately. The kids are bored and complaining. I suggest fun things for them to do but they don't feel like it. If I make them do chores I am a big meanie.

The hubby is tired, overworked and cranky. No time or energy for fun (much less romance). Keeping up with the kids, the yard and the chores leaves no time left for him to relax.

As for myself - I hate to be a downer but I seem to be on a streak of offending, irritating and annoying everyone around me.

It is possible to be lonely in a crowd. Bored when you are overworked. Frustrated when things are seemingly going your way. Why this malcontent in the middle of what should be a glorious summer break with the kids??

I think I need an intervention . . . or is that vacation?


StefRobrts said...

I think everyone could use a break. These so-called 'staycations' aren't the same as a real vacation - even a few days at the beach with none of the regular chores can give you a completely different outlook! I know I'm missing our usual get-aways this year. But you should be happy, you've got a great cast for your new play, and it's always exciting to set off on a new adventure like that. Hang in there!

snazzykc said...

Maybe try doing something routine-differently. Take Eric lunch, eat dessert first at dinner, let the kids decide the menu, forget cleaning and take the kids to a park, take them to the dollar store and give them $3...something usual. Hope that helps