Tuesday, June 2, 2009

smarty pants!

Hannah to Mom:

'mom, I think I need to write a debate about how princesses affect little girls. I mean, aren't we just having little girls growing up with an inflated sense of entitlement? And then they get into the real world and boom - you know?'

I love that kid!


snazzykc said...

That is so cool...I just saw an article or tv show that addressed that very thing. Didn't read it because, well, I am past that right?

Amy said...

Love her! :)

(And I think I have that same side table in the background of her photo...)

StefRobrts said...

That's some deep thinkin' for a kid!

Goofy said...

Hannah, I love you!!! You are a fabulous person and so incredibly intuitive. Glad you're my friend. :)

dotoner said...

inflated sense of entitlement - not something you hear everyday from an 11 yr old! Love that kid!