Thursday, October 30, 2008


First off I just want to say I love the word Autumn - so much nicer than 'Fall'. Also it always confused me when I was a kid that one season had two names - and that they were nothing alike . .

So anyway, yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. The kiddos had a half day of school so I decided to grab the camera and take advantage of my gorgeous neighbourhood. And it got me to thinking that I used to do things like this all the time when they were little. I wonder why parents stop paying the same kind of attention to their kids as they grow?

I'm sure it has something to do with the natural ageing progression of children - as they grow they continually assert more and more independence, parents respond in kind with less and less codling. And there you have it: by the time they are 16 they know everything, hate you and have the keys to the car - yikes! (And yes, I just described myself as a teen!)

But I also recall wanting a bit of codling - even as a teen. I can remember wondering why my parents stopped hugging me. (though in truth they were never very demonstrative - particularly my dad) Also I wasn't a very lovable kid most of the time! I think we are designed to be this way - independent, wilful, sinful.

It makes me wonder what kind of God can love such an unlovable as me? And what kind of parent you have to be to love despite your child's strong emerging independence? Their wilful disobedience?

I know the kind of parent I want to be - though I am often far short of my own ideal! I want to be the kind of parent that takes advantage of sunny fall days, that grabs the camera when there is no 'occasion', the kind of parent who can admit to their child that they are not perfect- and ask for forgiveness, the kind of parent that insists of loving (and hugging) their wilful teen. In short I am going to try and coddle them a bit longer - though I know they wont appreciate until much later in life (if at all) It's a risk I'm willing to take.


annaliese said...

love it. hug them forever. take photos all the time. they are changing every day and you will be glad you did.

snazzykc said...

Never,ever stop hugging-I do it all the time. I did ask Karl the first time but now he just expects it. Oh, and now they sometimes do the hugging first-that is fun.